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Animal Portraits in Pastel or Oil

The portraits of animals are painted from a combination of life and 'photos; I make colour notes and character studies from life and then the main portrait is worked up from the sketches and 'photos in my studio. I also like to make oil or pastel sketches of animals from life if possible, but I work mainly from 'photos when painting detailed portraits of animals. I can work entirely from 'photos if necessary, subject to the 'photos being suitable.

Sizes vary, but head portraits are usually painted at just under life size.

Commissions to work entirely from clients' own 'photos are sometimes possible- please feel welcome to email 'photos for consideration with no obligation.

Please allow approximately one month for a portrait to be completed.

For enquiries or to

Commission a Portrait

please call 07747 773 575 (UK)


please email your 'photos for consideration


Dog  Portraits in Pastel:
hound head pastelhound head pastel portrait
black labrador pastel portraitalsation pastel portrait
portrait of terreier and rabbit
portrait of terrier in pastel
pastel portrait  spanielpastel portrait  border terriers
Horse and Dog Portraits in
spaniel oil portraitterrier oil on canvas
oil painting spaniels
pony portrait in oil
Motivator in oil Motivator Murtagh pastel portrait

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