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portrait in oil child


Portraiture is an exciting and most rewarding collaboration between artist and sitter and an opportunity to create something of value that will give lasting pleasure.

Shown here is a detailed small painting; on other pages you will find more examples of my work- quick pastel sketches, more portrait paintings in oil and pastel and portraits of animals, some painted entirely from life, some from 'photos, and some from a combination of life and 'photos.

Please call if you are considering commisisoning a portrait or would like more info- I'm happy to advise and answer enquiries, with no obligation.


UK tel: 01790 763 945

UK mob: 07747 773 575

Exquisite Small Portraits painted in oil

These are very delicate and beautiful portraits. For this small 6x6" painting I used a method based on a traditional layered technique and glazing which gives the skin tones and colours a delicate translucency. Unlike an 'alla prima' sketch which is painted in one sitting, layered portraits can take many hours to complete resulting in a rich yet delicate patina.

This small portrait was painted on a fine portrait linen glued onto a panel.

oil on canvas panel

size 6x6" (15x15cm)

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