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Excerpts from Clients' Letters

"Dear Gail, We received the portrait this morning - within 2 hours it was framed and is proudly on the wall! We are delighted at what you have achieved - you have a wonderful talent.......We would like to thank you for the wonderful portrait and wish you all the best."

"Thank you for the beautiful portrait. Attached, please find a couple of photos of a MASTERPIECE during creation! We both think you did a wonderful job."

"The painting is great! I have now finished hanging it in pride of place in our dining room and it really is beautiful. When I first unwrapped and looked at it, I have to admit that I had a lump in my throat - I find it difficult to express how pleased I am with it."

"I have just got back and collected the picture of Sam – you are incredible. The portrait is amazing and I am so grateful to you for doing it for us. It is a treasure and I am very, very pleased with it. Thank you so very much for your effort and talent and for doing it for us. It and you are wonderful. Amon saw it today and he had a tear in his eye – so did I when I first saw it. Amon said we will have to get H done too." Kate

"Your wonderful portraits of me and Jessica are on my bedroom wall and I get to say goodnight and good morning to my darling grandaughter. My family and I love them and once again your extraodinary talent & gift was spoken of. You must know, but I want to say it anyway, how much it means to me and my family- present and future- to have these wonderful portraits to enjoy now & later on- thank you Gail for giving a part of yourself for me." Beth

"Hi Gail, N is very happy with the picture (well more than very happy!..")

"Dear Gail, We love the portraits of our children......."

Dear Gail, ....Pauline was thrilled by the painting and I have even found the time to replace the central light fitting in our bedroom with directional spots one of which really heightens the colours. Please remember to let us know if you are passing and you can meet the happy recipient and see the picture in situ....

* * *

Thank you all so much for your very kind letters. I'd like to share my favourite aphorism with you:

'Work is love made visible'

and my thanks to everyone for their contribution in the combined effort of the making of a work of art.

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